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1. We will help people get to events and we'll help them do it in a secure way.

ticket-cooperative.png We get a big kick out of attending live events - whether theatre, music, sport or dance. There is a basic, deep-rooted human desire to share the experience of a live performance. But something is wrong. We believe that we stand alongside many people when we say the mechanism by which event tickets are distributed is broken. We hear fans tell us all the time that "it's nearly impossible to get tickets today." We're seeking a solution to fix this. We know any lasting solution will require the cooperation of artists, clubs, promoters, producers, venue operators, ticketing agents and consumers - and today that cooperation is not evident. So we will engage the industry to bring about fundamental changes in the distribution of tickets.

In the interim, we will make every effort to provide fans with access to the events they want to attend and we will provide them that access in the most transparent and secure way possible.

2. Many people believe that tickets have become too expensive... we agree and we undertake to do our best to reverse this.

lower-prices-for-fans.pngIt's generally accepted economic theory that transparent markets are more efficient and help to reduce prices. So we will make sure that Seatwave operates as transparent a ticketing exchange as possible.

We will also take every opportunity - and even try to create opportunities - to lower ticket prices for fans. We won't promise that Seatwave will always have the lowest priced tickets, but we will promise to try in the short (and long) term, to lower the average price of all tickets.

3. We will make it easier to purchase tickets.

ticket-integrity.png Right now, even if you are able to find tickets for the event you want to see, it's really not that easy to buy them. Dark carparks, wads of cash and a seller named Vinnie are not really a treasured part of the live entertainment experience. We have done our best to make the listings on Seatwave clear and intuitive so events and tickets are easy to find. We have then tried to make the information we provide (face value, market pricing, and seat information) clear and concise so you have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

We also offer TicketIntegrityTM which gives you confidence that every ticket you buy or sell on Seatwave is absolutely guaranteed, no excuses. We tell you when the tickets will ship and monitor the arrival of them to your home. Through initiatives such as these, we will always strive to make the experience of buying tickets a carefree, secure and positive experience - after all this is your leisure time.

4. Our experience has been that ticketing agencies treat consumers badly - to us that doesn't make sense and we commit to treating our customers with respect.

respect-for-our-customers.png The history of the ticketing business seems to exclude being consumer friendly. Have you ever bought tickets to an event and then tried asking for a refund if you are unable to attend? Trust us, whatever they say after they've stopped laughing at you won't be very helpful. Seatwave will always help you to resell your tickets on our exchange should you be unable to use them - it is what we do after all.

We also want to make certain to tell you something else about Seatwave up front, all sales are final. Just to be clear, 'ALL SALES ARE FINAL.' What does this mean? Once you place an order for tickets we notify the seller and they then send you the tickets. This means we cannot cancel the order once its been placed. Again, this is about informed consumer choice, if you have this information and choose to use Seatwave then you are fully aware of our responsibilities and yours. That said, if the event to which you have bought tickets is cancelled, we've got you covered with our exclusive and free TicketCover™ product. So if things go awry, whilst no doubt you'll be gutted, you won't be left out of pocket. Again, this is about informed consumer choice, if you have this information and choose to use Seatwave then you are fully aware of our responsibilities and yours.

5. We'll admit when we screw things up - then we'll try and make it right.

make-it-right.png When we make mistakes (and I am certain we will make many) we'll be honest and open about it and if any customer has lost out because of us we'll do everything we can to make it up to them. Many people tell us that it's too expensive to operate this way, that it's "easy" to list the tickets, let people buy and sell and then collect our commission. They say 'don't offer much in the way of service, don't fix mistakes - let the market solve the mistakes.'

We believe in free markets, but we don't believe free markets are infallible, and we think there are times when we, as overseers of the market, need to step in and make sure all customers are served in a fast, secure and courteous manner. Our business practices are based on the belief that serving one customer one time is not a very good business. We want to earn the privilege to look after our customers whenever they are in need of tickets and the only way we'll get to do that is if we treat you all properly.

6. We do charge premium fees for Seatwave's service.

I know, that doesn't sound like a very enticing manifesto promise, so let us explain: Our commissions and fees are fairly similar to some of the other less consumer-friendly ticketing services but for good reason. We believe that Seatwave's offering is, and will continue to be, superior to any other consumer service that buys and sells tickets. To do that we need to be able to attract great people to work for us and in higher numbers than other operators to deliver the level of service we promise.

premier-class-service.pngSo yes, Seatwave does charge a premium for its service, no excuses. If we are unable to offer a service that is better than others, we would have no right to charge premium fees - in fact, we'd have no right to exist. So please tell us if you think you're not getting your money's worth, we'll take what you have to say seriously and, more importantly, we'll try and do something about it.

7. We'll try to do what we say we're going to do.

do-what-we-say.png That sounds a little obvious but how often is there a huge gulf between what a company says about itself and what you experience. Seatwave should and will be held to a higher standard. If you have a problem we will communicate with you in a direct and personal manner and seek to solve your problem - not make it difficult for you to complain in the hopes that you'll give up. Our promise is that every Seatwave employee understands, agrees and acts in a manner consistent with the principles outlined on this page. If they don't, we'll find them somewhere else to work.

We want to make sure that the buying of your tickets is quick and easy and the memorable part of going to events are the events themselves. Again, if you think we've got it wrong we'd like to know.